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Lyric Music Videos

Make your lyrics come to life

"Lyric videos have become a crucial tool in any artist's arsenal"

Lyric videos give the fans something to follow along with and to relate to the lyrics instead of just hearing the song itself. It’s a great way to get people to pay attention to what is being said in the song. Lyric videos are very easy to promote because they are searched around the world daily. If your lyric video is designed correctly, you will be able to generate thousands of views to your video while generating new fans.



Testimonials_mike copy.jpg
“Nani Moco does magic! They’re straight forward about their work. Very professional and quick turnaround. Will be using again. THANKS AGAIN! ”

Mike Coderre-Lalonde

Testimonials_ghosts copy.jpg
“Very happy with the end result. Nani Moco did a great job and got the feel I wanted for the video just right. I definitely recommend them, and I’ll be using them more in the future”

Ghost of Shadow Moses

Testimonials_ToneRoyal copy.jpg
“Very well done! Thanks very much for dopest lyric video!!”

Tone Royal

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